My name is Lana Marandina
I'm an artist that paints the silence.

I like

A sensation of weariness which I get after my work in the studio. Sense when painting took all your strength and energy. That means the best of me left in my work and a day was not in vain. Everything left in the paintings.


It's my main passion. What I can and like to do. When I paint I completely dissolve myself in my work and totally immerse myself in this process. It is impossible to describe emotions I get from my work, I can only feel them. Just look at my pictures and they will tell you everything.

Sources Of Inspiration

Music, cinema, literature, poetry, Old Masters. Look at the paintings of the old masters and you will take a fancy for painting as long as you can to create your own masterpieces, get to the new levels of the brush and try to be a little bit closer to those geniuses. Find your own direction in the painting and follow it and improve your skills, becoming better and better.

My pictures

My children – that’s how I call them. I don’t paint what is alien to me. Only what I feel. When I write the winter I feel her cold, painting the mist I feel its freshness, painting the sea I dive into its waves and deepness. I'm there, inside my paintings fully sink and leave a part of myself in them. I am a hundred per cent pensive person and I enjoy it. The beauty in my paintings is monochrome, quiet, unostentatious and alive. Skill is not enough to revive paintings. A soul is needed too. I produce my pictures like that.